METSON AMEA, a division of the METSON Group, was introduced in 2016 with the focus being on exporting to commercial and subsistence farmers throughout Africa, the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

The AMEA product range includes adjuvants and buffers, seaweed extracts, soil amendments, crop bio-enhancers, the CropCare range and carbohydrate chelated products. Also included in this range are Regional and Crop Nutrient bucket solutions. METSON Amea

The comprehensive bucket solution offered by AMEA is specialised. It caters to specific crop and geographical area requirements. These nutrient buckets are customised to meet the needs of local growers by combining the appropriate AMEA products into a cohesive package. The purpose of these nutrient buckets is to provide growers with a convenient one-stop solution for their crop nutrition needs. They eliminate the inconvenience of sourcing individual products and ensure that the necessary nutrients are readily available in a convenient package.

The AMEA distribution network plays a crucial role in connecting growers to local channels, ensuring that they have access to on-farm and on-time solutions. This network consists of various channels and partners that help facilitate the delivery of AMEA products to growers in a timely manner.

AMEA collaborates with organisations such as the Gauteng Growth and Development Agency (GDDA) and the South African Department of Trade Industry and Competition (DTiC). These partnerships help streamline cross-border logistics and ensure smooth operations for the distribution of AMEA products. By aligning with these organisations, AMEA can navigate any legal and logistical challenges that may arise when distributing products across borders.

The focus on partnerships and collaborations with local authorities and agencies highlights AMEA's commitment to compliance and legislation in its operations. By adhering to these regulations and working closely with relevant stakeholders, AMEA can provide growers with reliable and legally approved solutions for their crop nutrition needs.