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Our Pride

METSON World prides itself on using advanced technologies to produce nutrients and growth stimulants that are readily to plants, reduces stress and improve the crops’ Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) and general health.

These features are spread across most crops, ranging from tree and vine crops all the way through to field crops such as grain and legumes, including horticultural nurseries, produce, vegetables and ornamentals.

METSON World product range include:

Biological Products

The emphasis with this product category is on root and soil health by offering fish hydrolysates, various combinations of beneficial microbes and bacteria as well as trichoderma, mycorrhizae, humates and fulvates.

Seed Treatment

A range of liquid and talc/graphite containing seed treatment products to ensure a stronger seedling.


A range of Alcohol Ethoxylate and / or non-ionic organo-silicone wetting, retention, spreading and cuticular penetrating properties for use in combination with agricultural remedies as well as buffers that improve the water quality and pH of agricultural spray solutions.  This product category also includes liquid and water-soluble Ammonium Sulphates for use with Glyphosate and Sulfosate herbicides.

Carbohydrate Chelated/Complexed Products

A patented liquid range of micro element containing nutrients that are readily available to crops - for use in combination with agro-chemicals and where performance farming principles are applied.

CropCare Range

Water-dispersible powders for use either as a foliar application or soil treatment.

Crop Enhancers

Products specifically formulated for targeted crops at critical phenological stages.

Liquid Nutrients

A single element, nutrient focused range of products.

Water Soluble Nutrients

A water soluble range of different combinations of N,P,K with micro elements as well as micro-element containing products.

Plant Growth Bio Activators

Where the emphasis is placed on enabling crops to develop its own Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR) against Biotic and Abiotic stress to optimise photosynthesis serving and yield building blocks for plants.

Seaweed Nutrient range

Natural seaweeds available in various concentrations of bio activity naturally occurring containing products enriched with macro and micro-elements.

Sanitizers & Specialised Products

Offering products to clean spray apparatus, to reduce foaming of spray solutions and sanitize work surfaces.

Crop Protection

Limited range of products for the protection of crops.


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