About Us

Who Are We?

METSON World was founded in 1994 as a modest two-man agricultural manufacturing firm based in Randburg, Johannesburg, South Africa. METSON World's production capabilities have more than tripled over the years, with the best materials sourced both locally and internationally. Countries as far as Romania are supplied, but with the primary emphasis being on South and southern Africa. The growth in demand for METSON World's products has resulted in the employment of highly qualified and skilfully trained team members who are dedicated to keeping METSON World competitive by delivering the best agricultural products on time.

METSON World has an innovative production laboratory and greenhouse trial facilities. The company provides and distributes to consumers and distribution centres throughout South Africa. No order is too large or too small to manufacture. No customer is too near or too far to deliver to. METSON World products are made using high-quality, scientifically designed raw ingredients from start to finish, including on-farm applications. METSON World's agricultural inputs are proudly made in South Africa, selected raw materials are purchased from a variety of international locations to ensure compliance with best international standards.

METSON World is devoted to continual research and development, as well as product innovation, in order to provide efficient, and sustainable agricultural solutions that benefit farmers. While certain brands such as Marinure have been around since 1959, METSON World is always looking for methods to provide agricultural products that are high in nutrients, highly bio-available to plants, effective against continuously elemental stresses, and ecologically friendly.

Growing with METSON!
Groei saam met ons!

Vision Statement

METSON is the first choice in crop nutrition by adding value to the grower.

  1. First choice embraces being a specialist, leading the way, being the benchmark.
  2. Crop nutrition embraces the soil, seed, roots, leaves and yield (harvest) – the entire plant, and agriculture.

Mission Statement

METSON renders Legendary Customer Support by optimising sustainable crop nutrient solutions, ethically and proudly South African. We commit ourselves to continuous research and product development ensuring that we stay abreast of international best practises.

Core Values

1. Provide Excellent Technical Service and Legendary Customer Support.

2. Be successful and grow through: -


includes loving your profession and field, with Good Harmonious Communication. Everything we do has meaning, purpose and transparency.


Hard work and ownership to what is important to our clients and adding value to farmers.


Continuous improvement and creative thinking towards adding value to the Agri industry.


Dedication, adaptability and loyalty to our stakeholders - we never quit.


Building strong foundations through trust and respect, being humble and socially and environmentally responsible, and striving towards sustainability.

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