METSON@home®, as part of METSON World, was started in 2015. METSON seaweed and nutritional-based products, due to their success with farmers, got the attention of farmer’s wives who, after using the products saw that their gardens and vegetable gardens started to grow and continued to flourish. Although METSON@home® is young, our flagship brand, Marinure®, has been around since the 1970’s and was well established in the Johannesburg horticultural society for many years. The raw material for Marine Manure or Marinure® is brown seaweed from the Fucaceae family, Ascophyllum nodosum. It is internationally award winning, organically certified and sustainably harvested from the Northern Atlantic Ocean. METSON@home®’s products are suitable for all types of Horticulture, Floriculture and Hydroponic gardening systems. Our product range spans from soil to plant heath – root-to-tip;

Ideal for

  • Green Gardens and Lawns,
  • Colourful bulbs and Flowering plants,
  • Vegetable and Herb gardens,
  • Fruit trees, and
  • Compost heaps.

Seaweed Products

METSON@home® seaweed concentrates and nutrient-based products are natural plant foliar sprays and soil dressings designed for greener and more colourful gardens. An internationally award-winning seaweed source that is harvested sustainably, is used in all seaweed containing METSON@home® products. Proven to improve germination, root establishment, soil nutrient content, flowering properties and plant vigour. The seaweed products are rich in minerals and trace elements for a naturally healthier garden. It is non-toxic to plants, birds, animals and humans, as well as has a natural aroma and free from artificial colourants. Used foliarly or on soil, METSON@home® seaweed products will not burn fruit, flowers or foliage when used at the correct and suggested dosage rates.

Follow label instructions carefully.

What makes Nutrigro Sprinkles Special?

  • Water soluble granules that are easy to dissolve for liquid foliar applications.
  • A compostable measuring cup is included in every bag allowing for a walk-and-sprinkle approach to application. Make sure to water-well afterwards.
  • Each product is colour coded with a food-grade dye making it easier to see where the product has been applied and where to water.
  • The hidden seal in the resealable bag, allows for safe storage whilst keeping the product fresh.

Seasonally use:

  • Nutrigro Sprinkles N in early Spring, Summer and Autumn for green leaves, foliage and grass, great when applied with your topsoil.
  • Nutrigro Sprinkles P in early Spring, throughout Summer and early Autumn, for roots and leaves. Great when applied with soil amendment like compost.
  • Nutrigro Sprinkles K throughout Summer for Fruit, Flowers and Vegetables from pre-flowering onwards.